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  1. School students testing the water in Tasmania for a career in marine biology

    Secondary students from every state and territory are spending their school holidays doing real marine science on Maria Island off Tasmania's east coast, a global hotspot for climate change.

  2. Students snorkelling off Maria Island
    Secondary student from around Australia are spending their school holidays at a marine biology school on Maria Island off Tasmania's east coast.
  3. How do kids manage the distraction of phones and other devices?

    The Federal Education Minister has suggested that Australia should follow France's lead with a blanket ban on students having mobile phones at school.

  4. Allegations of assault on special needs students investigated

    The Department of Education has confirmed it is investigating claims of physical misconduct by an employee of a West Australian school which caters to children with intellectual disabilities.

  5. Push to stop kids from skipping school before it affects studies, job prospects

    A report on the progress of 30,000 disadvantaged students confirms what you might suspect: kids who skip school are more likely not to complete their studies. But The Smith Family found its support program could lift attendance and increase Year 12 graduations.

  6. Busselton Senior High School assault
  7. 'Sickening' assault on Busselton student filmed on mobile

    An alleged serious assault on a Busselton high school student that was filmed on a mobile phone is described as sickening by WA's Education Minister, who says she is "baffled" by a teacher's response to the incident.

BBC News - Family & Education

  1. Drugs 'used by two in five students'
    Drugs are being widely used - but student leaders warn against fines and punishment.
  2. School sex abuse: 'My son was raped on a play date'
    Even primary-school-age children are capable of rape, the mother of a victim discovered.
  3. Home-schooling in the UK increases 40% over three years
    Mental health and avoiding exclusion are among reasons given for removing children from classrooms.
  4. Amazon Alexa to reward kids who say: 'Please'
    A good manners feature will praise children if they ask questions politely.
  5. Nottingham Trent University 'racist' video pair face charges
    A student recorded the footage from her room at Nottingham Trent University.
  6. Young can 'only read digital clocks'
    Teachers say traditional clocks are being taken out of exam halls for pupils who need digital formats.
  7. YouTube Kids to give parents more control over output
    The firm has been criticised for using algorithms not human judgment to curate the app.

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