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  1. Male students protest uniform policy by wearing skirts to school
    A group of school boys from Exeter Academy in England took part in a uniform protest by wearing skirts because they were not permitted to wear shorts by their head teacher as temperatures soared in Britain.
  2. Hanson's insensitive remarks aren't the only bad news for disabled students

    Proposed school funding reforms don't go far enough to end discrimination against young people with a disability, Stephanie Gotlib writes.

  3. Fight averted as council backs new Perth high school next to Subiaco Oval

    The West Australian Government avoids an immediate land battle over its plan for a new high school in Perth's western suburbs, with Subiaco City Council voting to give the proposal conditional approval.

  4. The unlikely dark past of Australia's first school lawyer

    How does someone who failed Year 12 miserably become Australia's first in-house school lawyer? Once a defiant teenager, Vincent Shin and his teachers never expected he would become a lawyer. But Mr Shin managed to overcome a childhood marred by family violence.

  5. ADHD kids failing to meet national minimum standards: report

    A study finds up to 40 per cent of students with ADHD are failing to meet the national minimum standards for literacy and numeracy, which could make them more likely to fall behind in school, causing significant challenges later in life.

  6. Parents angry about missing out in plans for new Queensland high schools

    Some parents in Brisbane's western suburbs and bordering Ipswich areas are angry they are forced to send their children to private schools due to the lack of options within the state system.

  7. How will the ambitious new plan for Subiaco unfold?

    Its plan to shift Perth Modern School ended in tears - but will the WA Government's new plan to build a western suburbs high school and redevelop the Subiaco Oval precinct at the same time have a better outcome?

BBC News - Education & Family

  1. 'Less homophobic bullying' in Britain's schools
    Bullying against gay pupils has reduced, a study suggests, but many still face victimisation.
  2. New York governor says progress in Hungary university talks
    The symbolic dispute over a threatened Budapest university has moved to talks in New York.
  3. Wales teacher recruitment levels 'bordering on crisis'
    The target for trainee teacher intake in secondary schools and for PGCEs has been missed, figures show.
  4. Schools go green to support Grenfell fire victims
    Pupils in schools across England go green to show their support for the Grenfell fire victims.
  5. Warnings on exclusion levels in Norfolk
    Norfolk County Council said 290 pupils were excluded in 2015-16.
  6. Pisa test scores 'risk' to Wales economy warning
    Investors will judge Wales on global education results, ex-advisor to government warns.
  7. Heads worried tuition fee pledge for teachers to be dropped
    Will the promise of tuition fee relief for teachers be the next education policy to be scrapped?

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