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  1. Banned Russian drug examined as police investigate mass school overdose

    Police investigating a mass overdose at a Gold Coast private school say a Russian anti-anxiety drug is on their radar and warn that those involved will likely face criminal charges.

  2. Four students critically ill after suspected drug overdose at private school

    Ambulance crews take seven students to hospital in varying levels of consciousness after they took an unknown substance at a private northern Gold Coast school.

  3. How the humble school uniform became a luxury branding item

    Uniforms don't always erase divisions between students — often they amplify them, writes Eva Dobozy.

  4. NAPLAN testing faces scrutiny as education ministers push for changes

    Some of the nation's education ministers believe the controversial testing system has strayed from its original purpose of helping teachers improve student learning to become a "major event" in the school calendar.

  5. Language teachers get creative connecting Asia to regional Australia

    Teaching languages in regional Australia can be challenging, but these teachers are going the extra mile to help their students connect with their neighbours in Asia.

  6. School backs down over Tim Winton book row after backlash

    A private school principal upset by "abhorrent" reading material on the school curriculum containing "vulgar language" and "explicit sexual innuendo" says he will not remove books from this year's reading list after a community backlash.

  7. CWA protest against closure of Moora Residential College
    The Country Women's Association is protesting against a State Government decision to close the Moore Residential College

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  1. Universities braced for 14 days of strikes over pensions
    Lecturers at 64 universities walk out over changes they say could halve their retirement income.
  2. 'Little student support' for varying tuition fees
    Research suggests little support among students for different fees for different courses.
  3. 'Counting every school shooting so it never seems normal'
    Counting and remembering ever school shooting to stop US becoming 'desensitised'.
  4. MPs investigate impact of social media and screens on youth
    MPs launch an inquiry into the impact of social media and screen-use on young people's health.
  5. Great Yarmouth Charter Academy bans 'McDonald's' hairstyle
    Boys with six styles deemed "extreme" will be put into isolation or sent home, the academy warns.
  6. Theresa May's university review will not scrap fees
    The prime minister says university costs are too high, but students must pay back for degrees.
  7. Lab v lecture hall: Whose tuition fees are you paying?
    Students voice their views on subsidising each other's courses through tuition fees.

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