Availability and the UK teaching year


There are 365 days every year. Teachers work all year.... kind of. By the time you remove School holidays, Public holidays and weekends teachers actually work 190 days a year. Leaving 175 days for you to do whatever you like. All up that's 24 weeks, 24 weeks! You lazy devils.

During the short "teaching year" the more available you are the better! Whether you work on daily relief teaching or 6 weeks to 2 year  placements you will have plenty of travel time. The more flexible you are about your availability, the greater the range of work we can offer you.

You will always have a better chance of finding long term work if you are available at the start of term, daily work is much more flexible.

  • Autumn Term: Sept - Christmas
  • Spring Term: Jan - Easter
  • Summer Term: April - July

If you are looking for a permanent position, we can help you but if you don't want that kind of commitment let us know what will suit you.


Working holiday

Working holiday - it's so named for a reason. Work, then holiday, work, then holiday. Conveniently the school year over here suits that perfectly with a week off in the middle of each term. You'll never work more than 7 weeks in a row.

If you want to visit the running of the bulls you'll need to take some time off or why not think about short term or day to day work? As and when you're available let us know and we'll track down something to suit you.


Keep in mind, the more flexible you are with your availability, the more likely it is we can find something perfect for you..

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