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UK schools have kind of a bad name in Australia. We seem to think that all British schools are either ghettos that nobody in their right mind would teach in or poncey palaces full of spoilt little mummy's boys.


This is unfair and (mostly) untrue.


The UK has as broad a range of schools, if not broader, than most other countries. We at teachweb deal with the full range of schools across London and all through the surrounding counties.


School types

  • State: Schools financed by and ultimately answerable to the government. Divides into two further categories.
    • Comprehensive - Non-selective secondary schools - if you live in the catchment area you're welcome to come
    • Grammar - Selective secondary schools - if you can pass the entrance exam, you're in.
  • Independant: Schools financed by fee paying students. These schools are generally well resourced, more academic and greater admin demands are placed on teachers than in state schools (more report writing for example). You do not have to be qualified to work in this type of school. By percentage there are less of these schools than state schools - and there is more competition to work in them, so brush up your CVs!
  • PRUs: Pupil Referral Units. If a students behaviour is persistantly inappropriate they will study here. Class sizes are small (typically 6) and the regime is more flexible. Rewarding to work and often very well resourced

What kind of school are you interested in ?

Or is "type" of school not important to you. You may want a flexible placement, or just a job and fast! That's fine, we will listen and obey!


Still Curious?

Have a look in the Boroughs listed here ← on the left for a cross section of schools we currently work with.


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